Silver Bars for Sale

About silver bars

Silver bars (along with silver coins) are both versatile and economical for investing. By buying silver bars for sale, you can hedge yourself against the weakening of dollar.

Silver bars (or silver ingots) come in sizes varying from 1 oz to 1000 oz. The most common sizes are 10-oz and 100-oz bars. If you are looking for a highly liquid investment, you should buy 100-oz sbullion ingots only because they are easy to sell and carry little premium over spot price. Usually these bars made from .999 pure silver.

It is not always easy to find silver bullion bars for sale. The most popular bullion ingots or bars are produced by Engelhard and Johnson Matthey. Unfortunately Engelhard silver bars not having been manufactured since the late 1980s. Engelhard 100-oz bars are most popular. Johnson Matthey silver bars are equally as popular as Engelhard silver bullion bars. Johnson Matthey bars also not having been manufactured since the late 1980s.

Silver Bars for Sale

Silver Bars fe Sale

You can also find bullion bars and ingots for sale made by other manufacturers: Academy silver bars, US Assay silver bars, Wall Street Mint silver bars, Pan-American and Sunshine silver bars are also very popular among investors.

How to find silver bars for sale

Large size ingots do offer an important investment advantage: they carry a low premium over spot price so I recommend you to buy 100-oz bars.

Try to find silver bars for sale from local dealers who deal in precious metals or from local silver dealers. You can also buy the bars for sale at online auctions. You can find a lot of good offers on Ebay and Amazon.

Another good option is to buy these ingots from one of the many jewellers and coin dealers that sell bullion bars and other forms of precious metals bullion.

You should know that good quality bars are stamped with the weight, the brand name of the mint and the fineness (usually .999 pure).

Buy Silver Bars online

Silver Bars for Sale

Silver Bars for Sale

Nowadays, buying silver bars for sale online has become the easiest way to invest in precious metals. You can find silver bars for sale directly from a manufacturer or from a silver dealer or through an auction like eBay. Always check Ebay seller’s feedbacks before buying and select the sellers who offer the ingots with low premium and with the lowest additional handling and shipping costs.

I also recommend you to find silver ingots for sale at APMEX. APMEX guarantees you will receive only .999 fine silver bars. APMEX or American Precious Metals Exchange is one of the most known online precious metal dealers in the United States.